Wedding & Venue Services

Our Wedding Services

(based on the Diamond Package)

1.  The Planning Process:

  • From Booking at Vesica Piscis Chapel until your wedding day, we are here to answer questions, give referrals, and help in any way we can.

  • We have 3 meetings with you. One 6 months before the wedding, another 3 months before the wedding and a final meeting 1 month before the big day. At each of these meetings we help you plan your event. We also split up the amount owed for your event into payments which are paid at the meetings so that you are not paying all at once.

  • All of our vendors contact you. You get to relax while you wait for their call or e-mail.

  • We confirm with our vendors about your event 1 week before your wedding. This leaves more time for you to do your last minute tasks.

  • Wedding Coordinators are present at your rehearsal that afternoon or evening before your wedding. They conduct the entire rehearsal.


2.  Before You Arrive At the Venue:

  • The Banquet Hostess has table placement and chairs ready for your event.

  • The Banquet Hostess has tablecloths, napkins, and centerpieces (if they are not fresh flowers) ready on the reception tables.

  • The cake is delivered and set up by the Cake Designer.

  • All rooms and bathrooms are clean and free of trash.

  • All of the decorations you bring are put out in the locations you choose.

  • The Wedding Coordinator makes coffee and ice water in the hall for relatives and friends that come early for pictures.

  • The Wedding Coordinator delivers bottled water to Bride and Groom’s rooms.


3.  The Hour-and-a Half Before Ceremony:

  • The Wedding Coordinator pins on all boutonnieres and corsages.

  • The Banquet Hostess makes coffee, tea, and punch for reception.

  • The Wedding Coordinator finds all people in the Wedding Party, including Grandparents and Parents, and makes sure they are present and know what to do.

  • The Wedding Coordinator coaches the Ushers on their duties.

  • If you don’t have Candle Lighters in the ceremony, the Wedding Coordinator will pre-light the candles in the chapel.

  • The Wedding Coordinator finds the Pastor and explains how to use the wireless microphone.

  • The Wedding Coordinator helps guests carry gifts to the gift table.

  • The Pianist will play 30 minutes prior to ceremony time for early arrivals.

  • The Caterer arrives.


4.  During the Ceremony:

  • The Wedding Coordinator lines up the Wedding Party in proper order and tells them exactly when to enter the service, where to sit, etc.

  • The Wedding Coordinator adjusts the volume on the Pastor’s microphone.

  • The Security secures all gifts for safe keeping


5.  After the Ceremony:

  • The Wedding Coordinator ushers the Bride and Groom in the Bride’s room for a moment alone.

  • The Wedding Coordinator ushers the Wedding Party and Parents into the Groom’s room until all guests reach the reception.

  • The Wedding Coordinator brings the guestbook down to the entry way tables for the guests that didn’t sign it before the ceremony

  • The Wedding Coordinator cleans and packs up all the decorations from the chapel.

  • The Wedding Coordinator helps the DJ with the Grand Introduction into the reception.


 6.  During the Reception:

  • The Servers pour your guests tea and water and keep it replenished.

  • The Servers pick up the dirty dishes from the tables.

  • The Caterer restocks the buffet table.

  • Once you enter reception, the Caterer makes you and the Groom a plate of food and puts it at your seat.

  • The Banquet Hostess fills your toasting goblets and sets them on the cake table.

  • The DJ prepares your Maid of Honor and Best Man for the toasts that will be coming up shortly.

  • The Banquet Hostess explains to you and the Groom how to cut the first slice of cake.

  • The DJ makes sure your guests know when the 1st dance, cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss, and open dancing is taking place.

  • The Banquet Hostess packs up the additional cake, as well as wraps the top tier in plastic wrap and foil for your ease of just having to put it in Tupperware and put it in the freezer to eat on your first anniversary.

  • The Banquet Hostess loads to-go food prepared by the Caterer, a Honeymoon Cake prepared by the Cake Designer, and your luggage into your get away car so that you are ready to leave after your Grand Exit.

  • The Banquet Hostess helps pass out your bubbles, bells, wedding rice, etc. to your guests for your Grand Exit.

  • The Banquet Hostess plays the bells from the bell tower for your Grand Exit.

  • The Banquet Hostess and Servers pack up all your decorations and clean the reception hall.

  • The Security loads the gifts, cake, and decorations into your relative’s vehicles.

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